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World History Syllabus
Ms. Burge
503-985-7516 ex. 238
[email protected]
Text: Glencoe World History
World History is a required full year course within the Gaston High School curriculum
and satisfies on of the graduation requirements of one credit in social science. In an effort
to expand the boundaries of historical analysis this course will not focus on a particular
country or region, theme or period, but rather survey history on a larger scale . The goal is
not to learn everything that happened in World History but to focus on broad themes and
look at cross cultural connections that do relate to our world today.
Classroom Behavior:
RESPECT: All students will respect themselves, their community members and their
learning environment.
READINESS: All students must attend class everyday and come prepared to actively
participate in daily activities.
RESPONSIBILITY: All students must accept responsibility for themselves and their
Course Requirements:
1. Students must come to class prepared and ready to learn.
2. Tests are given at the end of each unit (with exceptions).
3. Students will also be responsible for weekly current events due each Friday.
Current events are worth 10 points each. Current events will not be accepted late,
if you are absent the current event is due the day you return to school.
4. Students will be given daily assignments, which will usually be due the following
5. Extra credit assignments may be offered but are not guaranteed.
6. Students will participate in various group and individual projects.
Units of Study:
The Ancient World
Renaissance and Reformation
Age of Exploration and Rebellions
Modern Era
The Medieval World
Exploration and Colonization
Imperialism and Nationalism
Standards: For a complete list of standards covered in this and other social science
classes at the high school level see the following ODE website.
Late Work:
Late work will be accepted, (except Current Events), with the following conditions:
Excused absences: Assignments that were due on the date of absence must
be turned in the day you return to school or they become late.
Assignments that were assigned on the date of absence will have the same
number of days to be completed as non-absent students had. If the revised
due date is missed, the work becomes late.
Late work: Students are expected to turn in completed work by the due date.
Current events are due every Friday at the beginning of class. Current
events that are not complete or that are not turned in will result in a zero
for that assignment. Students will also receive a lunch detention if they do
not have their current event turned into the basket on or before the
beginning of class.
Late work resulting from unexcused absences will receive a zero.
Just don’t do it!!! Cheating, copying and plagiarizing are forms of dishonesty. Students
caught copying will receive a zero for the assignment or test. Allowing someone to copy
your completed paper will result in a zero for you as well.
Plagiarism: to use the words or ideas of another person as if they were your own words
or ideas. Source: Do not copy
directly from the Internet source and try to turn it in as your own work. Changing
one or two words from an Internet source is still plagiarism. Read the information,
process the information, and then rewrite the information in your own words. Students
who plagiarize receive a failing grade for that assignment.
Regular attendance is crucial to academic success. If you must be absent due to illness or
other issues make sure that you get your missed work and turn it in on time to receive full
Come to class on time! Tardies will result in lunch and after school detention as
outlined in the student handbook.
The following is the grading scale for Gaston High School: All grades will be on a
point system and converted to a letter grade for reporting purposes. I do not round grades
up, the grade you earn is the grade you get.
F=64 and below
Need Help?
I am available before and after school daily. Do not hesitate to come and ask for help!
In all classroom
Topic/ Situation
Food and drink
Getting help
assignments and
difference of
Restroom/ locker
Technology in
the classroom
Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Be Safe
Expectations & Routines
If you are absent please pick up an admit slip prior to coming to class and show it to
me upon your arrival. It is your responsibility to get any notes or work missed when
you return from an absence.
Please enjoy your food and drink outside of class. Plain water is allowed in the
classroom but no sodas, vitamin water, propel or flavored waters are allowed.
I am available every day at 7:30 am and from 3:05-3:30. Feel free to stop in and ask
for help if needed.
The majority of our work is done during class time please use your class time wisely.
When we are in the lab working on a project or assignment please make sure you are
working not checking email or playing games.
You will potentially be asked to work with classmates with whom you do not get
along. Regardless, be respectful. Keep in mind that this is usually for a limited
duration. Working effectively with those whom you may differ is an essential skill for
your future! If the situation is intolerable, please see me privately and be ready with
some alternative ideas/ solutions.
Whenever possible, use the restroom and get items from your locker between
classes. If you must use the restroom or go to your locker, please wait until
instructions/ whole-class activity such as note-taking or example problems are
completed. Be sure to ask for permission, use a pass, and do specifically what you
asked in as quick a manner as possible.
Cell phone use is restricted to the hallways. If cell phones are out during class time
they will be confiscated and can be picked up in the office at the end of the day.
World History Syllabus
To ensure that you are aware of the course rules and procedures, please read the course
syllabus and discuss with your child. Once you have done so, please sign and return this
form to Ms. Burge. If returned by Friday September 5, 2014 students will receive 10
extra credit points.
Thank you
Student Name (Please Print)
I have read the course syllabus. I understand the expectations and requirements.
Parent/Guardian: ____________________________Date: _____________________
Student: _________________________________