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9th Grade World History
Mr. Marques ([email protected])
Course Expectations
Welcome to 9th Grade World History! This year we will study the history and interactions of
civilizations, people, cultures and religions from the earliest humans to the beginning of the
modern era in the 18th century. Along the way will learn about a wide variety of exciting
historical topics that touch every corner of the globe.
Be Respectful of the teacher, your fellow students, yourself, and our class
Be Prepared with the proper materials, a positive attitude, and ready to think and
Be Honest in your words, your actions, and the work you present in class. Do your
own work and make it your best!
Our primary text for this course is World History: Perspectives on the Past (D.C. Heath). You will
be expected to have this with you every day, unless I tell you otherwise. You should also
bring to class:
-black/blue pens and pencils
-a binder divided into four sections (notes, homework, handouts and graded
Your quarter grade is based on points accumulated throughout the semester. Assignments
are generally weighted as follows:
Homework/Class work
Research Papers/Projects
5 pts
20-50 pts
50-100 pts
100 pts
Attendance: It is important that students be in class on time and prepared to learn
each day. Please read what the Herricks student handbook says about attendance, as I will
enforce those policies in this class.
Makeup Assignments: If you are absent, it is your responsibility to promptly get
and complete any missed class work, homework, and notes. Weekly agendas and homework
may be found on the class website (soon), and should be confirmed the day that you return
to school. Students who have pre-arranged absences are expected to make arrangements to
complete assigned work or exams prior to their absence. Missed work due to unexcused
absences may not be made up.
Homework: You should expect to receive homework assignments in this class on a
daily basis. Homework should be done neatly and thoughtfully on a clean piece of paper
(most of the time it will be in your notebook; other times I will want it to be typed). I will
not collect homework every day, but I also will not tell you ahead of time whether or not I
am collecting it. I will at the very least check that you have completed it. Occasionally, I will
give you a pop quiz on your homework. Late homework will not be accepted, except in the
case of excused absences.
Projects/Papers: You will be assigned several major projects and/or papers
throughout the year. Assignment guidelines will be provided with ample time for you to
complete the project if you organize your time well and work productively in and out of
class. Projects and papers are expected to be quality products that are neat, complete, and on
time. I do not accept late work for long-term assignments; failure to submit work on
or before the due date will result in a zero.
Academic Integrity: Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated. It comes in many
forms, including copying someone else’s work (including homework, class work, projects,
and tests), allowing your work to be copied, using cheat sheets, or talking during a test.
Plagiarizing someone else’s work and handing in work that is not your own are also
unacceptable. Please read the section on academic integrity in the student handbook to
become familiar with Herricks High School’s policies on these issues.
Assistance Outside of the Classroom: I am available for extra help on Mondays
after school. If you need to see me at another time, please let me know beforehand, and we
can schedule a time to meet.
This year will bring you many new challenges, but it is also an exciting time for you to
develop as a student and a scholar. As the year progresses, I encourage you to share your
thoughts and ideas about this class with me, and to come to me if you have any questions or
concerns. I look forward to a great year with you!
Mr. Marques
World History I
Mr. Marques
Please fill out and return in class by Friday, September 5th
I have read through the course expectations for World History and I understand its
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