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Intro to Philosophy
Mr. Silva
Whose Line Is It, Anyway??
Students are to compose a skit utilizing a dialogue among the following philosophers:
• As part of your skit, you are not to reveal which philosopher you are playing –
your classmates have to guess based on the nature of the dialogue.
• Not all philosophers have to be utilized, just one philosopher per group member.
• Dialogue can be humorous or not.
• Presentations should be approximately 5-7 minutes in length.
• Presentation will count as a test grade. Presentations will take place on
Thursday 12 December and Friday, 13 December. For extra credit, groups can
dress in costume and/or videotape their skits.
• Grade will come in two parts, each worth 50 points:
Clarity/Accuracy of Philosophy
25 pts
15 pts
10 pts
Clarity/Accuracy of Philosophy
Conventions (Spelling, Grammar, etc.)
25 pts
15 pts
10 pts
• Paper is due at the time of the presentation and will be a copy of the dialogue
you will present.
• I will post a sign-up sheet for presentations.
• If your group can guess every character in another group’s presentation, your
group will receive five points extra credit per group.