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Mr. Lingner
Team B period_____
Chapter 7 lesson 2
Answer the following using complete sentences please.
1. How was the representative government of the Roman Republic
democratic in some ways?
It gave people the right to vote and elect their leaders. However, only male
citizens with land and money (patricians) could take part in the voting
2. How did the plebeians increase their voice in government?
They protested and after threatening to leave Rome, they got representatives
(tribunes), and the Twelve Tables (written set of laws for all)
3. What was the title of the official the plebeians elected to represent them?
--Tribunes, who were part of the Assembly.
4. Why would a written code of laws, like the Twelve Tables, give people a
greater sense of justice than laws that were unwritten and based on
custom? (Various answers: it was much fairer to all/not arbitrary, etc.)
5. Who won the first battles of the Punic Wars, and what did these victories
lead to?
Rome did. It leads to Hannibal and the Carthaginians waging war against
the Romans. Eventually, the Romans defeated the Carthaginians and would
be on their way to beginning an empire.