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Ancient Rome
Tony Humenik
Andre Sagastume
Danielle Smith
Ancient Rome Time line
753 Foundation
616-579 Tarquinius
579-543 Servius Tullius
543-509 tarquinius super
C.600 iron age huts on
palutine hills forum area
drained earliest Latin
What kind of food
Romans ate depended
a lot on how much
money. They had also
on where you were. In
the big Roman empire.
In year 312 AD something
very important happened,
the Roman religion would
be changed forever. The
emperor Constantine the
In the power struggle that
began following the
Collapse of the Tetrarchy
around 309/Constantine
consolidated his position
in Britain/Gaul the
Germanic provinces and
Travel / Transportation
Ancient Romans travelled by land and sea.
From the earliest times, Romans displayed
remarkable skill at building and
The bronze
centenionalis coins
were the attempts of
constans and
constantine to
reintroduce a large
bronze coins between
320-340 AD as follis.
Roman men generally
wore two garments;
the tunic and the toga.
Roman women also
wore tunics, in as
much as the same
fashion as the men.
Housing / Buildings
In the cities
throughout the Roman
Empire, wealthy
homeowners lived in
one story building
with few exterior
From 509 BC to
nearly 1500 AD/for
two thousand
government had more
or less the same
The Romans were
good at building and
engineering but not so
good at inventing
machines. They were
the first people to
make bathes.
The End
Good-bye and that was
our show.