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Ancient Rome
1000 Years of World Domination
By Debbie Gonzalez
6th grade
Heritage Intermediate School
Our Focus
– How did the geographic, political,
economic, religious and social
structures affect the development
of Rome?
Questions That Need
• Why did the geographical location of Rome
encourage expansion?
• What were some customs observed by the Romans?
• What were some of the traditions observed in
• Which traditions have continued into modern times?
• What role did the gods and goddesses play in the
lives of the Romans?
• Who were some of Rome’s political leaders?
Content of Unit
Location of Rome
Ancient Roman customs
We still do that
The gods and goddesses of Ancient Roman
• Caesar and other Roman leaders
Did you know that…
• The Romans took baths?
• Baths were used for entertainment and
healing purposes?
• Roman men bathed in wine and women
bathed milk?
• It required 500 donkeys to supply the milk
for Emperor Nero’s wife to bathe!