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Comparing and Contrasting
• 1. Compare and contrast the religion
and beliefs of Judaism with that of
Christianity. You can either write in
paragraph form or you can create a
Venn diagram with 5 facts on each side.
The Romans and the Jews
• Chapter 3 – Section 3 (Day 2)
• What we’re going to learn today: Today
we are going to learn about the
Romans and the Jews. We are going to
examine why they didn’t get along
The Jews and the Romans
• Why did they not get along?
• There are many reasons that are
Video on Roman/Jewish conflict
Video Analysis
• 1. Explain why the Jews were protesting in
front of the Roman general. Minimum of 3
• 2. Describe the main goals of the 30,000
Roman soldiers that were sent to Judaea.
• 3. Based on your analysis of the Roman
soldiers and the Jewish fighters, make a
prediction on which side will eventually win
this conflict.