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Introduction to
Finance - 200900436
Business Admin. - 200901619
Finance - 200900021
• To increase students’ awareness about the concept of
marketing such as building customer relationship.
• To help students to distinguish different customer
communication methods.
• To develop students ability to create marketing plans and strategies.
• To clarify how to blend technology with marketing goals roles.
• To support small businesses to achieve their goals in life.
• To make businesses better leaders in the marketplace.
• Students will be able to differentiate the macro-micro environment.
• Students will be able to interpret the importance of technology in
direct marketing.
• Students will be able identify the significance of marketing to
succeed in the competitive business.
• Students will be able to define the relationship between marketing
and globalization.
• Student will be able to explain the marketing mix specifically and
building strategies according to the 4 P’s.
Customer communication:
Defined as a blend of promotions and advertisements
that profitable organizations adapt to keep connected
with their targeted customers.
Defined as a collection of direct communication forms
that were used by some marketers from previous
generations such as posts on magazines and
newspaper, paper catalogs and video advertisements.
Kotler, P., & Armstrong, G., (2012). Principles of marketing (14th ed.).
Person Education, Inc.,Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, 07458
• Includes the basic marketing principles
• Enable companies to be effective in the market.
• Each unit in this chapter explains specifically each component in the marketing mix.
• Helps students to design winning marketing strategies and effective SWOT analysis.
• Illustrates the chapters by providing meaningful pictures and diagrams.
• Explain deeply the traditional and modern communication channels (Last Chapter)
Bartels, Robert (1976) “The History of Marketing Thought,” 2 ed., pp.1-33, 123243
• Explains the history of marketing since 1976.
• Defines the old marketing functions, roles, and methods before technology
• Clarifies the theories and thoughts of early ages
• Shows the old methods that were used in advertising for goods and services.
• Explains how to write professional marketing research and design strategies at that
• Helps building and managing profitable customer relationships and strong
brand to create equity
• Utilize new marketing in a socially responsible way around the globe.
• Reflecting the major trends and forces.
• Simplifies the meaning of “Marketing”