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ideas used to make you
think or act in a certain
1. Bandwagon- tries to
persuade everyone to join
in and do the same thing.
Bandwagon -Robert isn’t
drinking milk and
he is sad because
he doesn’t fit in.
2. Testimonial- an ordinary,
important, or famous
person endorses a product
• BeyonceRevlon
• Michael
Katy Perry loves Pro-Active!
Tammy Sills: “ I use
Neutrogena everyday ,
and my skins is so
clean and healthy!”
Jeff Gordon,one of
the best known
Nascar drivers of
today, is endorsing
3. Loaded Words- using
emotionally charged
words to make the product
seem better than it really
•Miracle drug
• New and Improved
•Proven to fight gum disease
Certs, with Retsyn.
That sounds nice,
but what IS Retsyn??
•What makes this loaded
•4. Name Calling – the
speaker criticizes a
person or product with
little or no reason or
•“Slamming the
•“At Burger King you can
always get your flame
broiled Whopper
sandwich made your
way. We are proud to
say we serve individuals,
not billions.”
•What makes this namecalling? Discuss with
your partner.
Turn to your neighbor and
explain the four types of
propaganda. Your
neighbor will then
explain to you the four
types of propaganda.
With your partner, decide
which type of
propaganda is shown in
this ad.