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Name ______________________________
Date ________________
Ms. Dougherty
Objective: analyze and evaluate the more human aspects of modern war
World War I- Human Aspects of War
You DO NOT need to google, yahoo, or use any other search engines online
besides the links that are provided for you. We did the work… the answers
are there, you just need to trust us and look around!!
1. What is propaganda? What was the point of using it? How can it be useful in
times of war? How is it meant to make people feel?
2 What is positive propaganda & what types of images would it include (give
examples)? What is negative propaganda & what types of images would it include
(give examples)?
3. Find two examples of war propaganda during this time period (one positive, one
negative- but NOT FROM THE US!!!). Print it out & hand it in with the following
questions answered:
What is the message of the artist? How do you know? What audience is this
geared towards? How is it supposed to make people feel?
4. What is total war? How is it different from any other type of warfare that the
world has seen?
5. What was women’s role in society during World War I? How were they important
to certain nations?