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War Time Propaganda Posters
What is Propaganda?
• Propaganda is the organized dissemination of information to influence
thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and actions.
• Most combatant nations use propaganda in wartime to encourage citizens
to make sacrifices and contributions to hasten victory or endure defeat.
Governments and private organizations produce or commission posters and
other items to support recruitment, promote military production, inform
citizens about proper conduct, and assure people that their governments
are taking appropriate action.
• The creators of this material exploit the power of words and images to
construct persuasive visual messages that evoke feelings of fear and anger,
pride and patriotism. In proposing or privileging one point of view to the
exclusion of others, propagandists during the two world wars were neither
the first nor the last to manage information in this fashion. It is as much a
part of our contemporary world, in commercial advertising or political
campaigning for example.
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