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Reading Questions for November 17: Duis, Gerstle, Hirsch,
and Moore; Terkel: and Polenberg
What impact did the war have on the economy?
Did all sectors of the economy benefit equally?
What was the experience for the average American on the
How did experiences vary for different groups?
Why did Americans support the war?
What did they think the US was fighting for?
How would you describe the Four Freedoms?
What did they mean for different groups of Americans?
How did the government define its war aims?
How did government propaganda seek to mobilize the country?
Did war enable or stifle reform?
Assignment: Look at propaganda posters on the links to
World War II poster sites. Figure out who the audience was
and what the intended message was.
What were the
differences and similarities in private advertisements
verses government posters?
( and