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Propaganda Posters from World War 1 - PowerPoint
1. What is Propaganda?
Propaganda is a way that ___________________ were able to spread a certain ________________ to the
________________________ of that country.
2. Why was propaganda used? Give 4 reasons.
ii. _____________________________________________________________________________
iii. _____________________________________________________________________________
iv. _____________________________________________________________________________
3. Why were posters used?
4. Government Support - The purpose of the posters was to make people feel sympathetic to those
people involved in the war – and then they would want to help out. During the Great War the
governments needed money for the war effort so they focused their efforts on posters aimed at raising
money from citizens for the war effort
5. Why did People Obey the Posters?
6. Here are some of the tricks that were used in the posters to make people listen to their message…
Name Calling
Card Stacking
Band Naming
Plain Folks
Used Symbols