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Propaganda in Advertising
Propaganda—the effort to spread information to help or hurt a
cause; appeals to emotions
Types of propaganda
1. avante garde—using product puts user ahead of the times
2. bandwagon—encourages user to do what everyone else is
3. facts & figures—uses statistics and objective information to
prove superiority
4. glittering generalities—use of appealing words or images
5. hidden fears—product protects the user from some “danger”
6. magic ingredients—miraculous discovery makes product
7. patriotism—using product shows love of country
8. plain folks—practical product of good value for ordinary,
hardworking people
9. snob appeal—makes user part of an elite group
10. transfer—words & ideas with positive connotations suggest
that the same qualities should be associated with the product
and user
11. testimonial—celebrity endorsement
12. wit & humor—users are attracted to the product by humor
and cleverness