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What is a robot?
A robot is a
machine designed
to do jobs that
are usually
performed by
humans. Robots
are programmed
and controlled by
a computer.
Have you ever played robot toys?
Do You want to play with
the real robots?
Guess what these robots are doing
playing music
say hello to
talk with
clean the
Do the labour work
lead the way
What can a robot do?
act as a policeman
/a seller
Talk with human
Take care of
Do the housework
do research
And so on…
Do some shopping
Play with human
Nowadays robots can be
made into all kinds of shapes
for various uses.
Let’s look at the pictures
below and see what robots
can look like.
What can
robots look
Mantis (螳螂)
Huge arm
Why do we use Robots?
never get bored / get sick / need
to rest;
do things more efficiently
do it without any risks or
Let’s look at some movie
posters below which are
about robots. Do you know
the names of these movies?
I, Robot 机械公敌
Terminator 终结者
Edward Scissorhands 剪刀手爱德华
The Matrix 黑客帝国
AI - Artificial Intelligence 人工智能
Robots 机器人历险记
Doraemon 机器猫
Imagine you are engineers in a
company that makes robots and you
have been asked to design a new type
of robot. Your robot can be used :
(1)In the home
(2) In a workplace
(3)In the street
(4)In the natural environment
(5)In space or anywhere else
You are divided into groups of four to design
your robot. You can follow the steps as below:
1.Decide the purpose of the robot.
2. Make a list of the abilities the robot
3.Draw a picture on a piece of paper and
name its parts and explain what each part
4.Write a paragraph describing the robot
and what it can do.
5. Introduce your design to your
Read in chorus for fun
My Robot Does My Homework
My robot does my homework.
He helps me every night.
The trouble is he doesn't get
too many answers right.
He'd probably do better
at homework but, you see,
I built him, so he only knows
the things he learned from me.
--Kenn Nesbitt