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Direct Marketing
Direct Marketing: allows targeting
of customer segments in order to
focus promotional efforts
Types of Direct Marketing
e-mail marketing
social media
Messaging Services
Short Messaging Service (SMS):
contain only text
Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS):
allow for rich media messages
Mobile Advertising Strategies
Text message with coupon: most
Rich media: may be the future
Banner ads: boring to
Quick Response codes: using a
smart phone to obtain coupon
Cross-platform campaign: will be
used in multiple media sources
Types of Direct Mail
Using Direct Advertising Effectively
Personalize the mailer
Make it easy to read
Include a date
Summarize the offer
Have a call to action
Importance of Technology
pinpoint specific prospects
based on demographics
launch direct mail touches
based on event triggers
capture real-time response
metrics in order to determine
immediate ROI
Banner Advertisements
 Interactive
way communication
 Obtain
 Download coupons
 Link to related sites
Nature of Electronic Media
Highly visual
Quick response
Can be highly segmented
Motivates customers to buy
On-line Advertisements
Banner ads
Pop ups
Getting Noticed by Search
Use HTML code
HTML: Hyper Text Markup
Reasons to Broadcast Games
Earn revenue from TV network
Increase fan interest
Build brand equity
Beneficial to sponsors
Sports & Television
Mutually beneficial arrangement
 Networks: receive programming
 Leagues: receive exposure
Target market: males 18-34; 18-49
Un-DVR-able: must be watched live
Fantasy Sports
online simulations that allow
fans to build their own sport
teams and compete against
other fans' sport teams
Run by sports organizations,
media outlets and businesses