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Delivering Customer Value through
Colin Linton
Senior Examiner
Exam briefing
December 2013 / March 2014
Presentation title
Harley Davidson
Colin Linton
Senior Examiner
What is the point of the case study?
Presentation title
It provides a structured approach to analysis and assimilation of information.
Students gain an understanding of the background, markets, products etc. of
featured markets and organisations.
To build an understanding of the key issues faced by a real organisation, ie.
Harley Davidson.
It helps to develop thinking about how the marketer might address the issues
Identify potential future direction.
Recommend how marketing can help.
Before the examination
Presentation title
Study the whole syllabus, reading widely.
Observe marketing in action; question and understand the marketing tools that
organisations are using.
Allow sufficient time for revision.
Analyse the case material.
Practise applying the pre-prepared analysis in answers.
Look at past exam papers to gain an understanding of the types of questions
set previously.
But do not ‘question spot’.
Read and digest previous senior examiner reports.
The examination – The Tasks
Three tasks.
Task One is worth 50 marks.
Tasks Two and Three worth 25 marks each.
All tasks may be broken down.
All tasks are compulsory.
Presentation title
The examination – Command words
- Answers should be analytical and evaluative.
- ‘Descriptions’ and ‘lists’ will be unacceptable.
- Most commonly used command words are:
Presentation title
The most common failings in the examination
Presentation title
1. Failing to answer the precise question set.
2. Failing to address the level of detail required.
3. Failing to apply the pre-prepared analysis in answers.
Presentation title
Conducting the analysis
Detailed examination of the case.
Dissect information.
Apply appropriate analytical tools.
Understand the issues.
Consider potential marketing actions.
What tools and models?
Presentation title
Applying the analysis - How not to do it
Presentation title
‘In this answer, the appropriate tools and models from my analysis are
figures 1.3, 2.3, 5.7, 9.4.’
‘The business will be impacted by the recession – please refer to my
PESTEL analysis (figure 4.2.2).’
Applying the analysis
Presentation title
Be clear about which specific part of the analysis is being referred to.
Use your analysis to support and reinforce points made within your
- Use your analysis as a basis for recommendations.
- Your analysis must be applied in the context of the question, eg.
‘The global recession which has impacted the industry (please refer to my
PESTEL analysis figure 4.2.2, line 10) has influenced Harley Davidson’s
channel management by..........’
Presentation title
Please note...
Do not spend too long on your pre-prepared analysis (at the cost of
There are no marks for the pre-prepared analysis; marks are awarded
for applying the analysis within answers.
Use a wide range of analytical tools and models.
The pre-prepared analysis must not be used as a ‘crib sheet’ – may
be viewed as an irregularity.
Students must not submit identical analysis – as above.
Candidate’s role
To review, for the Board:
- Marketing communications planning and the use of
marketing communications tools.
- Channel management.
- New product development.
- Pricing.
- Delivering customer value and service.
Presentation title
Candidate’s role – Marketing communications
You must be able to:
- Develop a marketing communications plan for
different customer segments.
- Select, explain and justify appropriate marketing
communications tools for different customer
- Explain how the effectiveness of different marketing
communications tools can be measured.
- Evaluate the use of technology in marketing
- Analyse the international considerations for marketing
- Consider issues impacting branding.
Presentation title
Candidate’s role – Channel management
You must be able to:
- Explain various approaches to channel management.
- Examine the impact of the external environment on
the organisation’s channel management decisions.
- Evaluate stakeholders and their needs in relation to
the organisation’s channel management approach.
- Analyse international considerations for channel
Presentation title
Candidate’s role – Product management
You must be able to:
- Examine the importance of product management to
the organisation.
- Apply the new product development process in the
context of the organisation.
- Analyse the main international considerations relating
to product management.
Presentation title
Candidate’s role – Pricing
You must be able to:
- Analyse the factors that are likely to influence the
organisation’s current and new products.
- Explain the relationship between pricing and value.
- Discuss the different approaches to pricing.
- Examine the international considerations for pricing.
Presentation title
Candidate’s role – Customer value and service
You must be able to:
- Analyse how the organisation applies the marketing
mix (all seven elements) to deliver service to
- Explain how the organisation uses the marketing mix
(all seven elements) to deliver customer value.
- Examine service quality in the context of the
organisation’s key customer segments.
Presentation title
Presentation title
Problem areas from previous sittings
To succeed you should avoid these shortcomings which have been a feature in
weaker answers from previous examinations:
- Poor/no use of the pre-prepared analysis.
- One very weak answer, suggesting insufficient preparation in one area of the
- Low level of detail in answers.
- Use of bullet points.
- Answers too generic, ie answers must relate to Harley Davidson.
- Case material is simply repeated in answers.
- Poor time management.
- Insufficient reference to theory.
- No evidence of wider reading.
- Little or no use of examples.
Some final points
Presentation title
Do not waste time writing answers in report format, unless the questions
specifically ask for it.
Your pre-prepared analysis must contain detail about the case, ie. it must
not be a general ‘crib sheet’ of tools and models.
Do not exceed the maximum permissible page limit for your pre-prepared
Your pre-prepared analysis must be your own work.
Presentation title
Good luck