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Being a B2B Tech Marketer
Leigh Hopwood
B2B Technology Marketing Consultant
Email [email protected]
Call 07746 249132
LinkedIn /leighhopwood or /reddmarketing
Twitter @leighhopwood or @reddmarketing
2009 2010 2011
Chair of CIM South East
Marketing Consultant
Client Marketing Director
Chair of CIM Surrey
Head of Marketing
Joined CIM Surrey committee
1999 2000 2001
Marketing Manager
Chartered Marketer
Marketing Communications Manager
BSc (Hons) Business IT
Wrote to tech businesses
Marketing Executive
Started studying CIM
Placement Year
Saturday jobs
How I got here…
What’s unique about B2B tech?
Company size – many SMEs
Large deal sizes
Long sales cycles
Business and IT DMU (decision making unit)
Influencers are important
Relationships are key
Develop customer advocacy’s
Vendor and channel relationships
The marketing role = marcoms
• Sprawling global marketing
• Potential for travel
• Central Team own the brand
• Marketing assets provided by
Central Marketing team
• Local delivery (Field
• Channel Marketing v Field
• Access large agencies
• Larger budgets; greater need
for ROI
Small intimate teams
Board level engagement
Own the brand
Control over marketing plans
Creating everything from
• Greater breadth of marketing
experience on offer
• Agency selection based on
capability; boutique agencies
• Marketing on a hunch!
A year in the life…
• Annual planning process
• Align sales and marketing
• Campaign planning
• Campaign execution
• Communicating with stakeholders
• Evaluate ROI
When to use which tactics
Key takeaways
• Planning is essential
• Use the right tactics, with the right message, at the right
time, to the right people for the desired outcome
• Thought leadership for brand awareness; be
memorable, recommended and visible when they are
looking for a solution
• Monitor and measure effectiveness
The B2B tech industry…
• Growing, fast paced industry
• Need to ‘get it’ from a business perspective
• Lots of opportunity in marketing, but can be difficult to
get into