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Best Learning & Development Initiatives
Best Change Management Initiative
Presented By:
Trevor Murphy
Kellie Mahon
Eddie Meaney
• 50% of employees exited our business
• 46% of our employees are engaged (EOS 2009)
• 2010 DHL Ireland not making a profit
Certified International Specialist
Our FOCUS Strategy
• Designed primarily as an engagement tool
• Designed to support DHL Focus Strategy
• Kicked Off in 2011 (2015 Plan already in place)
• Touches all employees
• Challenge to deliver to all Employees (550+)
Our Development Approach
Unique Approach
Developing Internal Facilitators (117)
Recognition for Facilitators
Course Ownership (30+)
Weekend Training
Rewarding our People
Development Tool (Examples)
The Learning Journey
Passport To Success
CIM – Certified International Manager
CIM Part 1 is a key part of the CIS Program and is a commitment to help each Manager in the
business fulfil their leadership potential for the 21st Century
CIM Part 2 builds on the knowledge and experience from CIM Part 1 and is designed to
create a team of DHL Express Managers who are inspired and capable of delivering 21st
Century Leadership and driving the highest levels of performance and results across the
Training in Action..
Do We Live CIS?
“HRD run training programmes, that do address the
needs of the business and the individual development of
Eddie Meaney, Customs and Gateway Manager
A view from Operations (which represents 50% of employees)
• Content
– Did people get something out of it?
• Manager
– Have I developed as a manager?
• Facilitator
– Am I a good Facilitator?
- Has Facilitation helped me develop?
- Was I supported as a Facilitator?
Question & Answer