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Marketing Your Business
Applying Social Media to Create
About Me…
• 22 years experience teaching business
• Teach Business Admin (Marketing) at College of the North
• Serve/Served on several Boards
• Local TV Producer
• Web Editor, Blogger
• Design and Operates Clarenville Facebook page
• Clarenville Town Council 2005-2009
• Arts and Commerce degrees
• Social Media and E-marketing Certificate Memorial University
Marketing Your Business – Applying
Social Media to Create Relationships
After the session you will:
1. Develop a better appreciation for the value of marketing in understanding
your company and its customers with an eye to maximizing businesses
2. Be better able to define your company’s purpose, the unique aspects of its
product, how the product should be promoted, and where it is sold.
3. Develop an appreciation for the business marketing potential and
application of five Social Media tools and how each can be integrated with
the other and with company websites:
You Tube
Blogs (including Twitter)
Google Adwords
Definition of Marketing
Marketing is:
• A Process of Planning and Doing…
• The Conception (Product), the Pricing, The Promotion
and the Distribution (Place)…
• Of an Idea, Good or Service…
• To create and Exchange..
• To satisfy Individual or Organizational Objectives.
Influences on Marketing
 Certain aspects of marketing are controllable:
Product, Price, Place & Promotion.
 Other aspects of the environment in which
marketing occurs must be dealt with, but
cannot be changed: Social Forces, Economic
Forces, Technological Forces, Competitive
Forces and Regulatory Forces.
For Marketing to Occur there
needs to be:
 Two or more parties (a Buyer & a Seller) that
have needs that each other can fulfil.
 A Desire, and an Ability to satisfy these needs.
(A Market)
 A way to Communicate this desire to the other
 Something of value to Exchange.
Finding a need
 Sometimes satisfying a need proves to be a
difficult task.
 To narrow in on the needs of a diverse group of
potential customers, companies often group
people by their needs. These groups are known
as Target Markets.
 Target Markets will respond similarly to a given
set of marketing actions.
The Marketing Mix
“The 4 P’s”
 These are the controllable factors that a
company/organization can adjust in order to
satisfy customer needs.
 They include:
 The Product ( The Good, Service or Idea sold)
 The Promotion ( How the product is
communicated to the potential buyer)
 The Price (The rate of exchange)
 The Place ( How/where the product is delivered to
the customer)
Making the Marketing Mix work
for you
So, if you have the right Product, selling for the right Price,
in the right Place, and if the potential customer knows
about it (Promotion) your product should sell right??????
Business needs to work hard at improving the chances of a sale,
especially in a cluttered selling environment – you need to stay TOP
OF MIND in the customer’s need solving process by offering them
what they need, when they need it.
One way to do that is to know your customer better…to create a
Social Media is a relationship building tool.
Establishing “what we do”…
 In order to effectively market its products or services
organizations/companies need to first establish its reason
for being – its Mission.
 Bombardier: Our mission is to be the world's leading
manufacturer of planes and trains.
 NL Hydro: Hydro generates, transmits and distributes
electrical power and energy to industrial, utility and
residential customers in Newfoundland and Labrador
All activities that the organization/business engages in needs to
support that mission.
What is your organization’s / company’s Mission?
Establishing “what we do best”…
 Further, an organization/company needs to establish what
it does best – better than its competition that makes it stand
Lowest Cost
Highest Quality
Most Relevant
You need to establish what makes the customer choose your
product or service over all others. You need to build on that
through your communications with customers.
What does your organization / company do best?
Communicating with the Customer
 So you know what you do, and you know what you do
well, now you need to make sure that your customers
know that and are constantly reminded…
 Ideally we want a message that helps create a
“conversation” rather than a one way flow.
 Marketers have tried for years to do this – Social Media
is now allowing for that to occur.
 Remember…Social Media is one important tool in a
large tool kit – it is not a panacea but, if done right it is
effective at creating conversation and it is cheap!
Notable Quote:
“Social Media is like teen sex.
Everyone wants to do it but
nobody knows how.”
Avinash Kaushik
Social Media in Plain English
Social Media Strategy Guide
Listen to
Engage with
Add value
What’s the best Social Media
tool for you?
 It Depends
 Usually you will use a combination of tools
Let’s look at the options….
Facebook Marketing
 Over 750 Million people are on Facebook
 15.4 Million users in Canada
 237,000 users in NL
 3,600 users in Clarenville region
 50% visit the site daily
 Widest range of opportunity of any Social Media
Facebook Marketing
 Facebook allows you to get found, engage customers,
create a community and promote other content.
 Like button is key
 Facebook has very fine “Targeting ability”
 You only pay for clicks!
Facebook Marketing
 Where to Start?
1. Register a page
2. Customize a page (iframes & Vanity URL)
3. Create a Landing Page
4. Add Content
5. Gather and engage fans
6. Connect with other social media
You Tube
 Owned by Google
 Allows users to upload and share videos
 4th largest website on the internet
 As many users over 45 as under 18
 On demand – prime time is all the time
 Integrates well with Facebook
 Can sponsor video with Sponsored Videos
You Tube
Sponsored Video
You Tube
 Where to Start?
 Create a YouTube Account (Channel)
 Add value to the page with creative, valuable, emotional
Answer questions
Product reviews
Tell a story
Debunk Myths
Slide Presentation
 Add Key search words
 Share
 See
Blogs and Twitter
 Blogs – Web Logs – online newsletters
 Twitter is a microblog (140 characters or less)
 These sites help build community, improve customers
service, build brand awareness and build TRUST.
 Fastest growing segment of the Social Media toolkit
Blogs and Twitter
 Main Success factors from a business perspective
 Influence
 Brevity
 Accessibility (Mobile)
 Interaction
 Versatility
 Blogger is a common blogging tool
 Easy to set up and use
 Adding key words make it searchable
 Fast growing site with over 200 million accounts
 140 million tweets per day
 Can “follow” tweets of selected people/organizations
 45% of business saw Twitter as important to their
business – 83% expect to increase use in the next 6
 Second most popular Social Media Site
Google Adwords
 Targeted reach
 AdWords help target new audiences on Google by showing
paid sites higher in search results.
Greater control
Ads and ad budgets can be adjusted to the results. Can
display a variety of ad formats and target ads to specific
languages and geographic locations.
Measurable value
No minimum spending requirement or time commitment.
With the cost-per-click option, the seller is only charged if
people click the ad - This means every dollar of budget goes
toward bringing new prospects.
Google Adwords
 Groupon (group coupon) is a deal-of-the-day website
that features discounted gift certificates usable at local
or national companies.
 if a certain number of people sign up for the offer, then
the deal becomes available to all
 the merchant does not pay any upfront cost to
 How to participate See:
How Groupon Works
Here’s where we’ve answered
 We’ve discussed what marketing is.
 We’ve learned that we need a plan – a Strategy to
meet our customers needs in the environment in
which he/she exists in
 We’ve learned the basics of marketing strategy
 We’ve developed an appreciation for the business
marketing potential and application of five Social
Media tools: Facebook, You Tube, Blogs (including
Twitter), Google Adwords & Groupon
Paul Tilley
College of the North Atlantic
Clarenville Campus
[email protected]
Paul Tilley
College of the North Atlantic
Clarenville Campus
[email protected]