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Tools And Implementation for Direct Marketing
WAWGG 2010 Annual Meeting
February 4, 2010
Social Media
 Not
 Not Radio
 Not Print
Rebecca Gunselman
Social Networking
Global Interaction
If you build it,
they will come
My methods of communication
Web Site
 Email blasts
 Facebook
 Twitter
Web Site
Fresh and accurate, update at least quarterly
Email Blast
use as needed to notify about events, new releases , wine press, etc
Constant Contact, Vertical Response
Friend page, easy to monitor, update at least weekly
fan page
Warning! requires constant supervision, u r on call
follow & followers, needs application to monitor chatter
TweetDeck, Hoot
In this global marketplace, social
networking is the cornerstone of
communication. Actively
participating in social media is
vital to staying connected to
your customer!