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Power &
Mobilize a religious response to climate change and to
promote renewable energy, energy efficiency and conservation
We know where
we are…
Can we stop it from
happening again?
Forest Fires – Wild Fires in the west
Drought in Australia & other places
• "The increase in large wildfires
appears to be another part of a
chain of reactions to climate
warming," said study coauthor Dan Cayan, director of
Scripps Institution of
Oceanography's Climate
Research Division.
• A recent increase in wildfire
activity has been correlated
with rising seasonal
temperatures and the earlier
arrival of spring, a new study
By Sara Goudarzi
LiveScience 06 July 2006
Ocean Acidification – God’s Creation in peril from us!
Under more acidic conditions:
 Pteropods (an important
food source for salmon,
cod, herring, and pollock)
likely not able to survive
at CO2 levels predicted
for 2100 (600ppm, pH
All photos this page courtesy of NOAA
Global Warming: The Greatest Threat © 2006 Deborah L. Williams
 Animals with calcium carbonate shells -- corals, sea urchins,
snails, mussels, clams, certain plankton, and others -- have
trouble building skeletons and shells can even begin to dissolve.
 Coral reefs at serious
 Food chain disruptions.
Human Health Impacts
Disease: Malaria, Dengue Fever, West
Nile Virus
Weather Events: Heat waves (1000’s in
Europe), floods, droughts
Water quality and quantity
In a recent chilling assessment, the World Health Organization
(WHO) reported that human-induced changes in the Earth's climate
now lead to at least 5 million cases of illness and more than
150,000 deaths every year.
From Science Daily
November 17, 2005
What you do unto the least of these…
David Kroodsma
The world's leading atmospheric scientists tell us that a gradual
warming of our climate is underway and will continue. This poses
serious risks to our economy and our environment. It poses even
greater risks to many other nations, particularly poorer countries that
will be far less able to cope with a changing climate and low-lying
countries where sea level rise will cause significant damage.
SOURCE: Pew Center on Global Climate Change
Inundation from Four Meter Sea Level Rise (or, 1m rise + 3m storm surge)
Global Warming: The Greatest Threat © 2006 Deborah L. Williams
Weiss and Overpeck, 2006
Who are our neighbors?
Are they… distant lands?
...furred and feathered? ...future generations?
Why us?
...Religious communities
have aided social change
in the past….
•Abolition of slavery
•Civil rights
•Women's right to vote
•Endangered Species Act
We can do it again…
Outreach * Education *Action!
•Increase states’ membership, adding states
and Faith Communities: reach 150 million!
•Shared resources among IPLs, 14,000 FC’s
for Utah: for more info
•Increase Energy Efficiency to save $$$
•Promote Renewable Energy, reduce coal use
Energy Efficiency
• Do an energy audits for faith buildings and
encourage for members’ homes
• Take energy efficiency steps
– Change a Light, Change the World
• UtahIPL seeking 300 new pledges
• Dispose of CFL bulbs properly: see ‘act’!
• Track energy efficiency savings
– Environmental (our footprint)
– $$$ave Money (double win!)
Blue Sky renewable energy just $2 !
New High-Tech Solutions
SEER 40 cooling!
LED’s 2x efficient!
Faith Communities in action...
From California to Maine and now across the
seas in New Zealand and Sweden, IPL is helping
congregations save money and become more
energy efficient, use renewable energy and
encourage responsible energy policies to
protect our Earth.
Shir Hadash Synagogue
Efficiency and Solar Power!
Solar Power: a way for the west!
Shir Hadash spent
about 18 months
fundraising from their
members (including
their tenth grade
Confirmation Class’
compact fluorescent
light bulb sales),
researching solar
companies, and
preparing to install
their photovoltaic
The end result is a beautiful 10kWatt
photovoltaic solar array, which will
meet about 25% of their energy
• All Saints Episcopal Church
in MA installed a new boiler
with zoned heating,
programmable thermostats,
and more efficient lighting
•Annual savings of
• They've used 14 percent of the
savings to buy 100 percent
renewable energy, further
reducing pollutants.
Utah IPL Goals / Progress
•Increase the number of member
Faith Communities in Utah
•Offer a resource library of books and films
to Utah IPL members, & offer presentations
•Continue and expand inexpensive energy
audits for faith communities all over Utah
•Attain 300 or more new pledges: the Energy
Star “Change a Light” CFL campaign
Global Warming Legislation:
see advocacy
University of California study found that returning California’s global
warming emissions to 1990 levels by 2020, as envisioned by current
state legislation, can boost the annual Gross State Product (GSP) by
$74 billion and create 100,000+ new jobs by 2020.
First Unitarian Church
of Salt Lake City, Utah
• Monthly Environmental Ministry
Lecture/Discussion Series
• Earth Institute Discussion Courses
• Blue Sky participant
• Earth-focused sermons, services,
and celebrations
• Envisioning the future effort
placing strong emphasis on
environmental sustainability
• Seeking Unitarian Universalist
Association Green Sanctuary
• 1st church to become a Salt Lake
City e2 Business
Episcopal Church Center of Utah
Roof Garden to reduce heat loss / cooling
Crushed granite walkways to reduce runoff
Low water/drought tolerant landscaping
Downward facing, efficient lighting
Heating and cooling via geothermal wells
Also in Utah: Holladay UCC
4 or more ‘Whole Earth’ Services per year, an
ambitious Covenant in place that calls for
members’ life-style changes. Hybrids in the
parking lot: One member recently traded a big
SUV for one. Bike or walk to church days.
Advent selling of donated CFLs raised funds for
15% Blue Sky wind energy
Biannual energy audits, new solar heating &
lighting…applied for a grant for PV Solar power
and have installed Solar hot air.
What can we do to
reduce our carbon
1. Take the first step: Replace
at least 5 most used
Incandescent Light Bulbs
with CFLs.
2. Conserve -reduced energy loss saves $$.
3. Raise awareness for action!
See for more!
Where will we go from here?
“Every mainstream religion understands that God
gave us the Earth to cherish and protect, not to
wantonly destroy. Global warming is not only a
political, scientific, and economic issue, but a
spiritual one, too…Faith leaders also made it clear
that global warming is a moral issue, an issue of
justice. Although climate change is largely caused by
the rich nations, it is the poor nations that are most
vulnerable to its painful effects. Besides being a
matter of international justice, climate change
involves intergenerational justice, too, for we are
borrowing the Earth from our children….
What sort of planet will we leave them? “
~Rev. Margaret Bullit-Jonas
"The ultimate test
of a moral society
is the kind of
world that it
leaves to its
Dietrich Bonhoeffer, German theologian
Photo: Bill Bradlee
Thank You!
Interfaith Power and Light
Please visit:
Please update our list! Name
and/or Phone/Address
Wind and Solar
for a better future!
What We Can Do
1. Is it Achievable?
2. Action Is Essential
at Every Level
State & National
3. Join IPL
Who is Utah IPL?*
•Bountiful Community Church
•Christ United Methodist Church
•Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
•Congregation Kol Ami
•The Salt Lake Quakers
•The Episcopal Church of the Resurrection
•Holladay United Church of Christ
• Saint Marks Cathedral
• Saint Theresa (of Midvale) and more!
* more join each month!
We need your help to be millions strong…..will you join us?
• A
Join Interfaith Power and Light!
Here is what we are currently working on:
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