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Google Chrome Operating
Andy Lam
Just Google It!
What is Google Chrome OS?
Introducing the Chrome OS
Announcement: July 7, 2009
Target: Users who primarily utilizes the web
Platform: Netbooks
License: Open Source (As of Nov 19, 2009)
Called Chromium OS
 Anticipated Release Date: Second half of
 Be featured on light portable netbooks
 Google is working with hardware companies
 Optimize hardware and software to
maximize operating speed
Key Features
 Key Aspects: Speed, Simplicity, Security
 Stores Information in the “Cloud”
 Every application is a web application
Traditional OS
Boot Time
“Like a tv”
Demonstration: 7 Seconds
By Release Date: 2 Seconds
Solid State Drives (SSD) makes this
 Incorporates Google Chrome as user
interface (UI)
 User does not have to worry about drivers or
software updates
 Familiarity
Chrome Web Browser
Chrome OS