Download URL-Uniform Resource Locator-it is the address for a web page

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URL-Uniform Resource Locator-it is the address for a web page. This is how a URL is broken down
Cyberbullying-Intentional and repeated use of computer and cell phone networks by kids and teens
to cause harm or distress to other kids and teens.
Bystanders- A person that is present but not taking part in a situation or event : a chance
Web Browser (Internet Browser)-A program used to view, download, upload, surf or
otherwise access documents (pages) on the World Wide Web. Examples include Internet Explorer,
Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and Google Chrome
23. Search Engine-It allows a user to find specific information on the World Wide Web. Examples:
Google, Bing, Alta Vista, Yahoo
24. Wiki-A type of web page that allows multiple users to add information which is tracked. An
example of a Wiki is Wikipedia.
Videoconferencing-Using a computer, video camera, and network such as the Internet, to conduct a
live conference between two or more people at 2 or more sites. Video conferencing is an extremely
useful method of communication because it saves people the time and expense of travel and can often
accomplish many of the things a physical meeting can.
Internet Service Provider (ISP)-A company or organization that offers Internet access to