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OBJECTIVE: To learn the
relationship between genotype
and phenotype.
Genotype: the DNA = the genes.
Phenotype: how the genes are expressed
(what the trait looks like).
Allele: form of a gene.
Dominant Allele: the allele that is seen in
hybrid phenotypes.
Recessive Allele: the allele that is not seen
in hybrid phenotypes.
Incomplete Dominance: hybrid alleles blend
to produce a third phenotype.
• You and your partner will determine
the phenotypic characteristics of a
hypothetical offspring.
• Each partner is a HYBRID for all of
the traits: so there is a 50% chance
to pass on either the dominant or the
recessive allele.
• The combinations of the parents’
alleles determines what the new baby
looks like!
1. Each parent (partner) will flip a
coin to determine if s/he passes on
the dominant or recessive allele:
HEADS = dominant TAILS = recessive
2. Record your genotype combinations
for each trait on the data table.
3. Draw the face of your baby to show
the inherited phenotypic traits.
1. How many traits were purebred
dominant, hybrid, and purebred
recessive in your baby?
2. Why does each parent only get to
flip once for each trait?