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5.3 Organic Compounds
Organic Compounds
Organic compounds ALWAYS contain
Carbon and ALMOST ALWAYS contain
Ex) CH4- Methane, CH3CH2OH- Ethanol
There are four ways to write a organic compound
Organic Compounds
There are four ways to write a organic compounds:
Example is Methane
Inorganic Compounds
Inorganic compounds do NOT contain
Carbon with some exceptions:
Carbonates- CaCO3, Na2CO3, etc
Carbides- Al4C3, SiC
Oxides- CO, CO2
Recognizing Organic Compounds
Look at the formula
Must contain carbon
Can’t contain carbonates, carbides, or oxides
The H is not written first (so not to confuse
with an acid) ex) CH4 not H4C
Organic compound that contains ONLY carbon
and hydrogen
Ex) Simple = Methane CH4
Ex) More complicated = Butane CH3CH2CH2CH3
An alcohol is ONE kind of organic compound that contains C, H, and
Ex) Methanol = CH3OH
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