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Organic Function Group
Presented by Megan Gould
EDU 505
Professor : Harrison Yang
• Organic chemistry is the study of compounds that
are composed of carbon molecules
• Organic is derived from the word life
• There are some exceptions of compounds that
contain carbon which aren’t organic
• Examples include: oxides of carbon ( CO, CO2)
carbonates ( CaCO3)
cyanides ( NaCN)
• Many organic compounds are categorized by
their functional group
• A function group is a group that is attached to
a carbon molecule
• Each functional group has different
characteristics and properties
• Examples include alcohols, amines, ketones
• Today will do an activity related to what we have
learned about functional groups
• First each of you will name an example of a
compound of each functional group and draw the
• Next each of you will work with a partner ( who I
will assign) and choose a function group you
would like to work with.
• You will list the physical/chemical properties of
each group and present a poster to your
• Your goal is to educate your classmates on
your functional group and become an expert
• Websites will be provided for you as a guide
please utilize them
• This is a web quest journey and your goal is
learn from this website quest about each
category of compounds.
• Name an example of each functional group and draw this
- Alcohol
- Ketone
- Aldehyde
- Amine
- Amide
- Ester
- Ether
- Carboxilic acid
- Alkene
- Alkyne
- Alkane
• Both partners select a functional group you’d like
to present
• Please tell me which you select as each group
must not present the same topic
• Review each website for guidance on your
functional group and the individual assignment
• Prepare a poster with your partner that includes
the following : Title, Presenters, Topic,
Introduction, Examples and drawings, Physical
Characteristics, Chemical Characteristics,
Conclusion , What you have learned today
• Here is the list of resources you can use today
100 points will be awarded
25 points are for the individual assignment
25 points for group participation
25 points for the poster presentation
25 points validity of information and research
Things to consider :
Did you and your partner work well together?
How is your presenting ?
Is your voice loud and clear?
Does your poster have good organization and
good visual aids?
• Did you and your partner have good eye contact
with the audience
• Did you have a good grasp of the material
• How was your attitude
Now that everyone has presented their posters
we have all learned about organic chemistry
and different functional groups!
I hope that you have all learned more about
organic chemistry and learning to use the web
Teacher page
• This project is aimed for high school chemistry to give them
a quick introduction to organic chemistry and the basics of
functional groups these students are in 10th/11th grade
• This project was developed to help students learn the
information as a group so that they interact more with
peers and to help them explore and research the internet
and learn how to do so and obtain accurate information.
• This project is designed to be given after completion of this
unit as a summary and overview.
• This project should take about two class periods or 80