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The Crusades
A Crusade for Points
By 1095, the Seljuks (a Muslim group)
were close to taking over
The Byzantine Emperor does not
have a strong Army? He needs help.
Who do you think he asked for help?
The Byzantine Emperor
asked Pope Urban II for
help. The pope and
church leaders met and
decided to help
Constantinople. They
decide to send soldiers on
a “Crusade” to drive the
Muslims back and to take
back Jerusalem.
Pope Urban II gave a speech to encourage knights,
nobles and serfs to join the Crusade. Why do you
think many agreed to go on the Crusade?
Four nobles led the first Crusaders. About
30,000 crusaders successfully took land in
Syria and then surrounded Jerusalem.
After the Crusaders climbed the city walls,
the people of Jerusalem surrendered.
What do you think happened to the
Muslim and Jewish citizens of
Most Crusaders
went home, but
some stayed and
set up four
The First Crusade
was successful for
the Crusaders
because the Muslims
were not well
organized. Later,
Saladin becomes the
general for the
Muslims. He is a
strong leader.
Do you think Saladin was able to win
back Jerusalem for the Muslims?
New Groups of
Crusaders set out
to take back
Jerusalem. In
1212 tens of
thousands of
children set out on
a “Children’s
Out of the Tens of Thousands of
Children who set out about how many
do you think made it to Jerusalem?
What do you think happened to the
ones who didn’t make it?
None of the later
Crusades are
successful in
taking Jerusalem
back from the
Muslims. In 1204
the city of
was sacked.
Think about what religion the city of
Constantinople practiced and who they asked for
help when they were threatened by the Muslims.
Who do you think sacked Constantinople,
Christians or Muslims? Explain.
We know that the Crusades were not successful
for the Christians in retaking Jerusalem. Do you
think the Crusades weakened or strengthened the
Pope? Why?
Many nobles (but few kings) left to fight in the
Crusades. When the Crusades are over, who do
you think will have more power, nobles or
The Crusades have a big impact on
trade. Do you think the Crusades will
increase or decrease trading? Explain.
How do you think the Crusades
impacted feelings between Christians
and Muslims and Jews? Explain.
The Crusades started with a plea for help from
the Byzantine Empire. Was it a wise decision
to ask for help? Did the Crusades strengthen
or weaken the Byzantine Empire? Explain.