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The Cell Theory – a timeline
• Late 1500’s:
• Early 1600’s:
-first lenses used in Europe
-used to determine cloth quality
(weave and precision)
-combos of lenses gave better
Leeuwenhoek uses
microscope to study nature
(c) Copyright - All rights reserved
Early 1600’s
(c) Copyright - All rights reserved
• Leeuwenhoek
• first to view pond
water organisms
• First to see living
• Made careful
Robert Hooke ( 1665)
• Used light a
microscope to look at
thin slices of plant
tissues -- cork
• Looked empty, like a
monk’s chamber
• Called tiny chambers
(c) Copyright - All rights reserved
Matthias Schleiden 1838
• German Botanist
• All plants looked at
were made of cells,
so concluded:
“All plants are
made of
(c) Copyright - All rights reserved
Theodore Schwann -- 1839
• German scientist
who studied animals
-- zoologist
• Saw that all animals
he studied were
cellular so
“All animals are
made of cells.”
(c) Copyright - All rights reserved
Rudolf Virchow -- 1855
• German physician
who studied cell
• “Where a
cell exists,
there must
have been a
(c) Copyright - All rights reserved
The Cell Theory
• All living things are composed of
• Cells are the basic units of structure
and function in living things
• New cells are produced from existing
(c) Copyright - All rights reserved
Organelles do not work alone…
• Cell is a dynamic interaction of ALL of its
parts – literally, the basic unit of life….
(c) Copyright - All rights reserved All images are
public domain