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Protein Synthesis Worksheet
In DNA, adenine binds with __Thymine_____ and guanine binds
with _____Cytosine_____.
2. In RNA, adenine binds with _____Uricil___ and guanine binds
with ______Cytosine_______.
3. Transcription takes place in the __nucleus_____; translation
takes place in the _______cytoplasm____.
4. The building blocks of nucleic acids are _nucleotides___.
5. When the DNA “cookbook” unzips, a complete protein “recipe”
called a __gene____ is exposed.
6. At that time, a complementary copy of that “recipe” is made.
Scientifically stated, __m___-RNA is formed in a process called
7. When this “string” of RNA leaves the nucleus through a nuclear
pore, it goes into the cytoplasm and binds to another player,
______ribosome________,the site of protein synthesis.
8. The _m__-RNA “recipe” is “read” and a protein is assembled in
a process called ____translation____________.
9. The building blocks of proteins are _____amino acids______, so
another form of RNA is necessary to deliver those building
blocks to the site of protein synthesis. This is_t-_RNA.
10. The 3 nitrogen bases of DNA are called
____codons____________; the 3 nitrogen bases of
___tRNA_________are called anticodons.