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Timeline of Major Discoveries related to Genetics
1840s – Discovery of chromosomes.
1859 – Darwin publishes on the Origin of Species.
1865 – The laws of inheritance by Mendel.
1868 – Friedrich Miescher discovers DNA and RNA.
1905 – Discovery of sex chromosomes.
1927 – Hermann Muller shows that X-rays can induce mutation.
1928 – Discovery of penicillin.
1941 – Discovery that genes make proteins.
1952 – DNA is the genetic material. A biochemist named Erwin Chargaff finds the arrangement
of certain nitrogen bases in DNA always occurs in a 1 to 1 ratio which forms base pairs.
1953 – DNA is a double helix. James Watson and Francis Crick discovered the DNA Molecule.
1960 – Jacques Monod proves messenger RNA is the adaptor molecule.
1961 – Discovery of triplet genetic code.
1966 – Full range of 64 triplets identified.
1970 – Hamilton Smith discovers first site – specific restriction enzyme.
1972 – Walter Fiers determines first gene sequence.
1984 – Genetic fingerprinting developed by Alec Jeffreys.
1990s – Discovery of RNA interference.
2001 – First drafts of human genome.
2006 – Discovery of large-scale copy number variation.
2012 – The ENCODE Project