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The Roman Rule Essay, Research Paper
The roman rule
The period of the Triumvirate
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please use the general summary After the murder of Julius Caeser in 44BC, Sextus Pompeius,
son of Ceaser’s chief enemy, chose Sicily to organise a base for military resistence against
Octavius, Mark Anthony and Lepidus who had formed a triumvirate and declared themselves
Caesar’s heirs. Sextus Pompeius had easily siezed Sicily with his army and fleet and now the
island took on an important role in the conflict.
A civil war broke out in Rome between the newly formed triumvirate on one side and Brutus and
Cassius on the other. Both the latter had been the main architects of the conspiracy against
Caesar . All supplies of grain to Rome were cut off, not only those coming from Sicily but also
from other Mediterranean lands. Even the armies of the triumvirs were without food supplies.
In 39BC. the triumvirs were forced to recognise the authority of Sextus Pompeius over Sicily,
Sardinia and Corsica but, however, a war soon broke out which left Sextus Pompeius completely
defeated at Naulochus.
As a result of this defeat, the consequences for Sicily were extremely grave. Besides having to
pay an indemnity of 1,600 talents, some of the cities which had offered major resistence suffered
the deportation of their inhabitants.
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Triumvirate, board or commission in ancient Rome, composed of three men known as triumviri.
The term triumvirate is specifically applied to the political alliance made in 60 BC by Pompey
the Great, Julius Caesar, and Marcus Crassus, designed to carry out their schemes of political
aggrandizement against the opposition of the Senate. This compact, generally called the first
triumvirate, was not a triumvirate in the proper sense of the term because it had no legally
constituted existence.
The name is also applied to the division of the government of Rome made (43 BC) between
Octavian (later the emperor Augustus), Mark Antony, and Marcus Lepidus, after the murder of
Caesar. Their joint administration, sanctioned by the Senate, is generally known as the second
triumvirate. Lepidus was excluded from it in 36 BC, and it was finally dissolved in 32 BC.