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5.12 People, Places, and Events of the Republic
Kayla Larson
identify the following people, places, and events and their interrelationship
Essay #1 includes the following:
The first triumvirate, the second triumvirate, Cicero, Catiline and his conspiracy, Cleopatra and
Mark Antony
Essay #2 includes the following:
Patricians, plebeians, tribunes, aedile, praetor, quaestor, the cursus honorum and the Gracchi
Essay #3 includes the following:
Cato, Scipio Africanus, Regulus and the Punic Wars
Essay #4 includes the following:
Pyrrhus of Epirus and what a Pyrrhic victory means in English
Cicero was born in 106bc, hailing from a local equestrian family in Arpinum. Cicero on the other
hand, was the idyllic republican politician. The first triumvirate was composed of Julius Caesar,
Pompeius Magnus and Marcus Licinus Crassus. The first triumvirate was also known as the great roman
civil war and it was between the dates 53-45 b.c. In 49 bc the senate, backing Pompey, ordered Caesar
to disband his army and give up his province of Gaul. Instead of giving up Caesar crossed the Rubicon
River setting at the civil war. Mark Antony was a roman politician and a general. Antony formed an
official political alliance with Octavian and Lepidus, known to historian today as the second triumvirate.
The second triumvirate was formed on 26 November 43 bc.