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Fall 2015
College/University Marketing & Sales Internship at the Berglund Center.
Hours Required:
Hours vary based on school’s credit hour requirements. However, a flexible schedule is required and this
internship is event-driven and based on concerts, family entertainment shows, and selected grassroots
marketing events throughout the semester that occur on evenings and weekends. Internship runs from
September – December.
Internship Description:
Spectra by Comcast Spectacor, manager of the Berglund Center, among several other entities, is looking
for a full-time college student (junior or senior preferred), or graduate student to serve as a College
Marketing and Sales Intern for events held at the Berglund Center.
This is a paid Internship - $8/hour
College Credit can be earned through this internship but it is not required.
The College Marketing & Sales Intern will:
 Under the supervision of the Director of Marketing and Marketing Manager, participate in the
development and execution of grassroots marketing campaigns on their campus and/or in their home
towns promoting selected Berglund Center events, with primary focus on the family shows and
 Learn to conduct marketing research studies to establish and execute effective marketing plans.
 Learn to develop non-cash agreements with campus/hometown media outlets (school paper, radio
station and/or TV) promoting the Berglund Center events.
 Recognize and understand the components of sponsorship, public relations, sales and operations and
its use and importance in our industry.
 Assist marketing department with other objectives and projects as needed.
 Participate in all event or game-day activities, promotions and set-up.
 Assist Group Sales Manager qualifying leads and updating department databases
*Resumes are now being accepted.
Jonathan Carlin
Marketing Manager
P: 540.853.5372
[email protected]