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Marketing Internship Position Description
Under the direction of the Marketing and Communications Manager, the intern will focus on a
variety of projects to learn various aspects of non-profit arts administration both in general and
specific to the interest of marketing as a focus area.
General responsibilities may include:
 Assisting with the creation of hard and soft copy files
 Assisting in the writing and editing of informational materials and reports
 Assisting with mailings – mail merges, printing and stuffing
Specific responsibilities:
 Research competition and collect sample collateral
 Shadow Marketing and Communications Manager
 Attend planning meetings for marketing and development
 Audit websites and on-campus marketing
 Assist with social media postings
 Assist with function book maintenance
 Assist with compilation of fact sheets, and marketing collateral design
Intern will gain experience and/or improve upon:
 Research skills
 Marketing program support
 Website and social media support
 Marketing plan coordination
 Special projects
 Enrolled in an accredited college or university program
 Strong interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills
 Completed coursework in marketing, fine arts, research
 Basic computer processing skills including Microsoft Office Suite
 Experience in internet research
 Interest in the Arts and Non Profit Sector
 Previous internship experience is preferred
 Preference will be given to college juniors and seniors and those seeking academic credit
Internship is unpaid, but offers a great deal of hands on experience. College credit is highly
encouraged and available upon school approval.
Time: This is a part-time internship; the hours and time commitment are flexible to be set between
the supervisor and the internship candidate prior to the start of the internship.