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Internship Application:
First Name: _________________ Last Name: __________________ Date: _________
Address: ______________________________ City/State/Zip: ____________________
Occupation: ________________ Date of Birth: ___________ Male/Female: ________
Daytime Phone #: ____________________ Evening Phone #: ____________________
Email Address: _______________________________________
Please indicate which of the following internship opportunities you are
applying for:
Studio Technician
Web/Graphic Designer
Advertising/Marketing Intern
Strategic Planner
Grant Writing
If you have any previous work and/or volunteer experience please provide a
brief summary:
What types of special skills, educational training, and interests do you possess
that might assist you in your internship with The Clay Studio of Missoula?
Which hours and day(s) of the week would you currently (we understand that
schedules change!) be available to fulfill the hours of an internship?
Please list two people (non-relatives) who can provide a reference for you:
Name: ________________ Address: ___________________ Phone: _______________
Name: ________________ Address: ___________________ Phone: _______________
Applications can be mailed to/dropped off at: 1106 Hawthorne, Unit A, Missoula, Mt