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Blissful holiday targeting starts early
Use our predictive data to build targeted audiences
With the expanded holiday selling season starting earlier each year, advertisers are
pushing up holiday targeting to identify and test audiences that will perform during
the peak buying times for their products.
Get a head start on the competition and start your holiday targeting using
Experian Marketing Services data and our 2013 holiday insights. Build better brand
engagement strategies based on true online behavior tracked during the 2013
holiday selling season.
For example, last year Experian Marketing Services tracked online visitor
traffic during the three peak buying days — Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and
Cyber Monday — and discovered new retail category-specific trends that included
the following:
•Higher online visitor traffic on Thanksgiving Day for department stores,
appliances/electronics retailers and computer/video game vendors
•Higher online traffic on Cyber Monday for softer categories like apparel/
accessories, house/garden and sports/fitness
Leverage this intelligence to push out personalized holiday promotions targeting
the right audience at the right peak selling time. Whether you’re targeting moms,
online shoppers, techies or holiday travelers, Experian Marketing Services has an
audience for you.
These are only a few examples of the hundreds of audiences we offer to make
your holiday targeting blissful:
Winter holiday shoppers
In-store shopper
Online shopper
Computers, Electronics and Gadgets
Electronics and Gadgets
Food and Beverages
Food and Beverages
Home Décor
Home Décor
Home Domestics
Home Domestics
Winter Holiday Traveler
Interest: Home Decorating/Furnishing
Cruise Ship Vacationers
All audience segments
leverage data variables from
ConsumerViewSM, our renowned
marketing database, to help you
identify high-value audiences.
Audiences in action
Marketing application
Winter Holiday Shopper —
Electronics and Gadgets
Advertise the next and best tech toys for the holiday season.
They’re in demand, and an early purchase means less holiday
stress. Don’t forget the free shipping too.
Winter Holiday Shopper —
Online: Computers
Advertise the newest computers and their accessories,
computer bundles or computer alternatives like tablets to give
online shoppers an update they don’t have to download.
Winter Holiday Shopper —
Cyber Monday was the biggest day for online clothes shopping
last year, so let shoppers know that while Black Friday may be
for family, Cyber Monday is for them.
Winter Holiday Shopper —
Online: Home Décor
Advertise décor to spice up the house during the winter on the
peak online traffic day for home décor and gardening.
Thanksgiving Day
Cyber Monday
Winter Holiday Shopper —
Advertise deals on the big-ticket TVs, Blu-ray players, and
Interest: Home Entertainment/ other entertainment accessories that consumers want to buy
early and at discounted prices.
Black Friday
Winter Holiday Shopper —
Interest: Fitness
Don’t let consumers forget that it really is possible to stay in
shape during the holiday season. Advertise the clothes, shoes
and gym passes they need to stay motivated.
Winter Holiday Traveler —
Cruise Ship Vacationers
What better way to escape the cold than a cruise through the
tropics? This audience couldn’t agree more. Advertise allinclusive cruises, discounted flights and more trip ideas to give
them the relaxing getaway they crave.
Winter Holiday Traveler —
Frequent Vacationers
Some consumers love to travel, so give them a reason to
escape the cold this holiday season with discounts on flights,
hotels and all-inclusive packages.
Winter travel
To learn more about our seasonally focused audiences or about any of Experian Marketing Services’
digital audience segments and how they can help you in your marketing efforts, please email
[email protected] or call us at 1.800.918.8960.
Intelligent interactions.
Every time.
About Experian Marketing Services
Experian Marketing Services is a leading global provider of consumer insights, targeting, data quality and
cross-channel marketing. We help organizations intelligently interact with today’s empowered and hyperconnected consumers. By
helping marketers identify their best customers, find more of them, and then coordinate seamless and intelligent interactions across
the most appropriate channels, Experian Marketing Services’ clients can deepen customer loyalty, strengthen brand advocacy and
maximize profits.
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