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Unit 23 Computer Graphics
Computer Graphics
Computer Graphics
Computer generated imagery can
be categorized into several different
Vector or Bitmap (Raster) images
2D or 3D
Still or animated graphics
Vector Graphics
Vector Graphics
Vector graphics are re-scalable - they are comprised of shapes
mathematically defined by curves and points. When vector
images are stretched, they will redraw themselves and still
look good
Vector Graphics
Here are some of the best
applications which can create
vector graphics:
Adobe Illustrator (similar to
Adobe Photoshop)
Adobe Flash (formally owned
by Macromedia)
Some other vector applications:
• Serif DrawPlus
• Inkscape (free, download)
• MS Visio (mainly charts and
• Google Sketchup
Google SketchUp
Sketch-Up enables you to draw fast 3D
models. Sketch-Up tools are simple and allow
many 3D effects.
Adobe Illustrator (vector graphics)
Illustrator is a professional level vector graphics application
for graphic design, static images. In 2013, the current version
is CS6 (CS = Creative Studio)
Adobe Flash
Flash “movies” are graphics, text, animation,
and applications for Web sites. They consist
primarily of vector graphics, but they can also contain
imported video, bitmap graphics, and sounds.
In order to view a Flash
“movie” on web page or
as a standalone file, it
must be save in
shockwave format (swf,
pronounced “swiff” these swf files are much
smaller and save space)
SWF file example
(Click on the image)
Flash (vector graphics)
Flash is used to create web pages, animated graphics as well
as static 2D images. It works with vectors, but images can be
exported to bitmap format.
Blender 3D
Blender is a free and open-source 3D computer
graphics software product used for creating
animated films, visual effects, interactive
3D applications
or video games.
Blender 3D - Computer Graphics
Blender is powerful computer graphics software and free to
download and use. It has been used in creating films and
advertisements in the media industry
Clip Art
Clip art is a vector graphic, and can be found in Office
software and in web libraries, such as this daffodil found in the website (available to share)
These have:
• Generally small file size (except AI format)
• Crisper edges.
File formats (file extensions) include:
• SVG - Scalable vector graphics (opens in web browser) - a
universal format, used for clipart
• AI - Illustrator file (can become very large)
• WMF, EMF (Windows/Enhanced Metafile - used for clipart)
• PDF (Portable Document Format) - any file (image or text)
can be converted into this - viewable on web browser or in
any PDF reader - PDF printers available online to convert
files to PDF
File formats (file extensions) also include:
• FLA - Flash files use this file extension.
Here are some examples of different vector file types,
showing the file extensions on the end:
Bitmap Graphics
Bitmap Graphics
Here are some of the best
applications which can create
bitmap/raster graphics:
Adobe Photoshop
GIMP (free)
Corel PaintShop Photo
(formally Jasc Paintshop Pro)
Some other useful bitmap
• Irfanview (free, very useful for
quick edits)
• Paint (simple)
• MS Picture Manager (inside
the MS Office tools folder)
Adobe PhotoShop
PhotoShop, like Illustrator, will allow you
creative freedom to accomplish tasks (e.g.
background removal, layering, cloning, etc.)
GIMP is a free bitmap graphics editor
software and has many interesting features to
help you be creative with images.
Irfanview is a free bitmap
graphics application. It opens
quickly so you can make swift
changes. It also has several
built in “Macro” functions
such as creating a web
gallery, batch changes (e.g.
apply a change to a folder of
images) and even plays media.
Bitmap Graphics/pixels
Bitmap graphics are made of square pixels so
when resized suffer from “pixelation”, e.g. on
down-sizing, text can become distorted (a “d”
becomes more like an “a” etc.)
Bitmap/Raster images
• Very portable, easy to edit, versatile
• Pixelation when image stretched or shrunk
• Some file formats offer file size compression
The two most popular file formats are:
• JPG(JPEG) - photographic use (compressible)
• GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) - max 256 colour
palette, therefore better for “flat” images such as logos
and graphics. Can also animate
Bitmap/Raster images
Other bitmap file formats are:
• PNG (Portable Network Graphic) - combines
advantages of JPG and GIF. Not as popular though
• TIF (Tagged Interchange Format) - retains the quality
though file sizes much bigger
• BMP (Bitmap format) - a basic format which is
universal though not compressible as GIF
Here are some different files showing with the extensions:
Flash resources
Creative Commons
Search for any content (any media):
Search for clipart: