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Marketing Management Professional
Highly accomplished B2B and B2C marketer with strong experience in building and growing brands for highgrowth companies. Successfully built and led cross-functional teams to develop and execute multi-channel
marketing strategies that drive 25- 50% growth in new business revenue. Proven track record in managing multimillion dollar marketing budgets to effectively launch new products, build brand awareness, generate new sales
leads and identify new opportunities to penetrate target markets, both online and offline.
Brand Management
Digital Marketing
Marketing Communications
Product Marketing
Media Buying & Planning
Search Engine Marketing
Social Media
Demand / Lead Generation
Customer Relationship
Management (CRM)
Budget Management
Website Development
Direct Marketing
Event Marketing
Lead Nurture
Customer Lifecycle Marketing
Cross-Functional Team
05/11 – Present
Utilize expertise in strategic project management and marketing program development to help clients take innovative, revenuegenerating initiatives to market quickly and effectively.
Acquisition and Engagement Strategy for client XYZ
Developing and implementing a complete customer lifecycle program to help XYZ, Inc. acquire new customers and
grow existing business.
§ Outbound Lead Generation: Identify and implement optimal lead source, define target market, develop and
manage acquisition emails, build and implement pre-sales and sales follow up process, and define and track
cost per acquisition.
Lead and Client Nurture: Assess and recommend optimal marketing automation tool, create
communication streams to effectively reach and speak to target market, develop all emails, content and
landing pages, train sales staff for effective lead follow up, and analyze performance.
Marketing Management for client PDQ
Ran the enterprise marketing department, supporting a sales staff of over 30 reps with a $5M budget. Was
instrumental in helping the business achieve over 50% annual growth by building and leading a cross-functional
team, including an external brand agency, to create and execute on a multi-channel marketing strategy to acquire,
retain and grow the recruiter customer base. Marketing campaigns included brand awareness building, positioning
and messaging, lead generation, thought leadership, collateral development, product marketing and events.
Grew unaided brand awareness by 30% in 2010 through the successful re-positioning of the Enterprise
Business value proposition and launch of an effective creative campaign across print, online and social
media that resonated with the target audience.
Generated over 1000 new monthly leads for the sales staff through identification and optimization of
effective lead generation channels: online display, co-registration, IP syndication, PPC, webinar
sponsorships, social media and email marketing.
Your Name Resume – Page 2
Effectively engaged the recruiting audience in our value proposition and new product offerings through the
planning and execution of high-end events: elaborate trade shows, workshops, launch parties, customer
dinners and appreciation events.
Ran all product marketing initiatives for the launch of three new products aimed at further differentiation
and additional share of wallet. Go-to-market strategies included promotional materials, collateral, sales
presentations, trade show debuts and video demos.
Marketing Management for client ABC
Supervised all messaging, lead generation, user experience, and sales conversion activities for the new career
services division of ABC. Launched and developed go-to-market strategies for two new product lines: career events
and interview preparation services. Oversaw and grew community of almost 100 resume writers.
Drove the vision for the re-positioning, value messaging creation and site merchandising for the new career
services portal, which doubled page traffic and supported sales staff in surpassing 12% close rates.
Generated over $200K in new resume sales from the development and launch of a CRM campaign – an
educational and promotional email series to win back lost sales.
Launched and brought to market two new career services offerings: career events & interview preparation
services, which brought in several hundred thousand dollars in revenue within the first year.
Built and managed Advisory Board of HR leaders to serve as ambassadors and advisors for ABC career
services department.
DOWNSTREAM, INC. Houston, TX; New York, NY
06/06 – 09/08
The internet company of Stream Conglomerate specializing in online business information for sales & marketing and business
development professionals.
Senior Marketing Manager
Oversaw all online and print media and advertising initiatives to drive brand awareness, traffic, and qualified leads
for a company online subscription business. Directed advertising agency in all creative production, media
placement, and performance metrics analysis. Developed strategic partnerships and affiliate marketing
relationships to drive traffic to website, expand reach into target markets and generate subscription sales.
Generated $65K in monthly subscription sales from targeted media and advertising campaigns that drove
qualified leads to sales and traffic to ecomm platform. Achieved positive ROI through consistent oversight
and optimization of creative production and placement of online offers and content.
Grew online network of approximately 200 company affiliates to generate approximately $100,000 in
referral sales in the first year. Created and executed an overall strategy to recruit, commission, and retain
qualified affiliates.
Spearheaded customer segmentation analysis to identify segments with approximately $3.5 million in
incremental gains over the next three years and developed go-to-market strategy for the sales and
marketing teams to effectively reach and drive sales within these high opportunity segments.
Your Name Resume – Page 3
PROCESSGUYS, LLC. Dallas, TX; Atlanta, GA
02/02 – 06/05
A global management consulting, technology services, and outsourcing company that provides industry and
business process expertise to help its clients increase their performance in the marketplace.
Business Process Consultant
Oversaw teams to identify and successfully implement process improvements to help financial services
institutions maximize revenue and achieve efficiencies. Developed in-depth knowledge and expertise in
project management, vendor management and client relations.
Managed team of 4 to develop business requirements and work plan to design and implement a new
performance measurement system for client Interesting Company., which enabled the firm to provide
clients with more sophisticated evaluations of their funds and reduced trade reconciliations from 3
days to 1.
Successfully implemented best-in-class business processes that allowed the Consumer Lending
department of client ABC Bank to better service their customers by cutting loan processing time
to approximately three days.
Master of Business Administration, Concentration in Marketing
The University of Texas School of Business
Bachelor of Arts in Economics & Spanish, Magna cum Laude
Superduper University
Phi Beta Kappa Honors Society