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Born November 22, 1913 in Lowestoft, Suffolk, England
Was a 20th CENTURY composer
His father was a dental surgeon and his mother a pianist
His mother taught him piano at age 5, this was also when he
composed his first piece
As a young boy he was fascinated with reading scores of different
symphonies and operas
By age 16 he had written a symphony, 10 piano sonatas and a
number of quartets and other works
By age 21 he was earning a living from writing music
When war came to Europe, he decided to leave and move to the
United States
Became friends with poet W.H. Auden and became very aware of
the connection between music and poetry
Because he grew up in a home facing the North Sea, he later went
on to write two operas, Peter Grimes and Billy Budd. Both are
stories of seamen and the sea he loved
After three years in America he became homesick and returned to
England. He finished his opera Peter Grimes. It premiered in
London on June 7, 1945 and brought him international fame
In June 1976 he became the first composer in England to be
honored by an elevation to the peerage (giving him the title “Sir”)
Died in Aldeburgh, England on December 4, 1976
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