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Music Of The Great Composers – Research Assignment
1. Famous Composer
Choose ONE of the famous composers from the list below. Research this composer
covering the following areas:
Birth and death dates
Birth and death places
Musical background and training
Instrument/s played
Types of composition written
Famous examples of his music, particularly his Piano music
Why he is considered to be a great composer and how he has contributed to the
development of the Piano and its repertoire.
Provide at least one diagram of your chosen composer.
DO NOT simply copy and paste information from Wikipedia or any other source!!
Composer list:
Ludwig van Beethoven
Joseph Haydn
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Muzio Clementi
Frederic Chopin
Franz Schubert
Franz Liszt
Claude Debussy
Maurice Ravel
Sergei Rachmaninff
Anton Rubinstein
Erik Satie
2. The Piano
The invention of the Piano is one of the most significant developments in the whole of
music history. Research the Piano covering the following areas:
Early development – who invented it, where and when? Which instrument/s did it
Construction – how is it made and how does it work? Include diagrams.
Models – list some of the different brands and types of Piano.
Music – make a list of some pieces written for the Piano including who composed