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Composer of the Future Keeping his Fingers Crossed
By Anna Macfadyen, Ellie Pearce and Ellen Boyd
S6 pupil Tyler WeltonStewart,
musician, has recently been
interviewed for a place at the
Scotland in Glasgow. The
Conservatoire is a University
for the Performing Arts and
Tyler is hoping for a place to
study for a Bachelor’s
degree in Composition.
Amazingly, he only started playing the piano in S1 and had no previous
interest in music. “It was only when I got to the Academy and first had access
to the piano that I realised that it was what I wanted to do.” He has never been
taught or sat any exams but just gradually started playing more pieces and
then writing his own.
The four year course will set him up perfectly for a future career in
composition. He feels that the Conservatoire is the perfect place for him:
“Everyone thinks I’m crazy for applying for only one university but it’s the only
one I feel will push me in the right direction. The teaching is very relaxed and
the students are not forced into writing anything that is not ‘them’. It is all
about: “Building you as a musician, a composer and a person”.