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Let’s Play!
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Your topic is “Composer”
My Answer
Ludwig van Beethoven was a deaf
composer who bridged the Classical
and Romantic music eras.
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Ludwig van
The topic is “Rhythmic Value”
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In any time signature with the
number ‘4’ at the bottom, the quarter
note gets the beat.
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Quarter Note
The topic is “Interval”
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A major third consists of four half
steps and sounds like the solfege
‘do’ to ‘mi’ or ‘mi’ to ‘do’
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Major Third
The topic is “Instrument”
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A piano is made up of 88 keys and
is a member of the percussion
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The topic is “Percussion”
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A drum stick can be any type of
stick used to play a battered
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Drum Stick
The topic is “Opera”
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A comedic opera written by Mozart;
it was one of his most successful
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Marriage of Figaro
The topic is “Dynamics”
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A dynamic marking meaning “loud”;
it is preceded by ‘mezzo forte’ and
followed by ‘fortissimo’.
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The topic is “Articulation”
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A term meaning “separated” or
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Oh no! You’ve
gone Bankrupt!
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The topic is “Musical Styles”
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Rondo means “round,” therefore it
repeats back to the beginning over
and over in the pattern “a-b-a-c-a”
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Rondo Form
The topic is “20th Century
My Answer
A Romanian composer who wrote a
large series of piano pieces called
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Oh no! You’ve
Lost a Turn!
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The topic is “Ensembles”
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A quartet is an ensemble consisting
of four members performing on any
four instruments.
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The topic is “Success”
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You must practice in order to be
successful on your instrument.
Remember to keep in mind:
“Practice makes perfect!”
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How to play Wheel of Knowledge
Divide the group up into two teams. Assign one group to be Team 1, the
other will be Team 2. Have each team choose a spokesperson.
Begin the PowerPoint and review the rules.
Have the spokesperson from one team choose a question.
Click on that number. Read the question and have the group guess the
letters in the answer. If the group continues to guess correct answers,
they may choose to state the entire answer to the question. If the group
guesses an incorrect answer, the next team takes a guess.
Read the answer displayed on the next slide. Click on the button to
move back to the board.
If the answer given was correct, type the correct number of points in the
score box.
Continue to play until all questions have been answered. The team with
the most points wins.
Let’s Play!