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Modern Music:
Cacaphonius is a modern composer
Who comes daily closer and closer
To compose the best music of his life
That will cut into ears like a rusty knife
It’s a concerto for Kazoo and car’s horn
Such music was until now never born
In nine octaves and changing scales
This music abounds in windy gales
It sounds like the opening gates of hell
With drums and every imaginable bell
It goes against our very musical grain
And gives us headaches and migraine
The notes are written in a weird concoction
Creates confusion and a sensual commotion
I am sure of this music’s great success
With prizes and praises in great excess
With awards to grace the composer’s wall
That can give music lovers a bitter gall
Our composer is in his most creative prime
And is the pride of our modern musical time.
Dr. E. February 06 in NJ.