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Musical Composers
PowerPoint Project
• Choose a composer from the link below
• Use the sites provided to research the
life of your selected composer
• Create a PowerPoint Slide Show to
present to the class
Slide Suggestions
• Slide 1: Title Slide--Include a picture of your
composer, his name, when and where he
• Slide 2: Include facts about his childhood,
his family, and any musical training he
• Slide 3: Include how he earned a living, his
popularity with society, any interesting facts or
stories about him, and what kinds of music
and how much he wrote
• Slide 4: When and how did he die--or is he
still living?
• Slide 5: Include your favorite video
performance of his music and tell us why it’s
your favorite
Requirements for Your Slide
• There must be a transition between
each slide
• Clip art must be used on at least one
• At least three slides must be animated