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Mahdis Golzar Kashani was born on January 20,1984. At a very early age she got
acquainted with music. She had the honor to be Javad Maroufi’s pupil.
She then started learning music academically by attending the IRIB art and
literature school for kids and children. At the same time, she got valuable on stage
and live experience through solo performances for IRIB University. After
graduating from the school and while she was a student of electronic engineering at
Azad University of Karaj, she started taking additional Piano courses with Maestro
Haynnoush Makarian and Proffesor Tamar Dolitze and theoretical courses with
Dr.Mehran Rohani.
After graduation from engineering she was admitted to master course of
composition in Soore Art University and was graduated in 2012. Performing in
some recitals, taking part in various music festivals (such as three editions of
“Classic to Contemporary”) and collaboration with Vahdat Hall’s Choir as a
pianist in parallel with her teaching as a piano tutor were some of her activities in
recent years.
She has successfully passed some composing master classes including Jouhana
She was a resident composer in 4020 Music Festival which took place in
2013,Austria. She was also nominated as the selected composer in KLK NEW
composing competition 2013,Ukraine and Epic Persia in London,and she took
apart in several music festivals.
She had commission by Lemmnts Instituut LUCA (Belgium) and young solist of
National Orchestra (NOB) (Belgume).