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After DNA replication, the two
DNA molecules that are
made are
• Identical
If one strand of DNA has the
nitrogen bases AACTG,
the connecting DNA strand
has the bases
Why must a DNA
molecule be able to
• To make more cells
The scientific shape called for
the structure of DNA is
•Double Helix
Chargaff’s rule states that in DNA,
the amount of adenine equals the
amount of _______________.
The term replication refers to
DNA’s ability to
• Make copies of itself
List the 4 nitrogen Bases for DNA
• Thymine
• Adenine
• Cytosine
• Guanine
Which Letter Represents the
Which Letter Represents the
Which Letter Represents the
Which Letter Represents the
nitrogen base?
In 1953 which scientist(s) were
credited with the discovery of
the DNA model?
• Watson and Crick
Which scientist(s) took an Xray diffraction picture of
DNA to discover that it was
a double helix?
• Rosalind Franklin
What is a unit of DNA that
codes for a specific trait?
____________ is often called
the “blueprint of life”
DNA controls the synthesis of
•Protein (traits)
According to what we now know
about the DNA molecule the sides
of this helix are composed of
• Sugar and phosphate
The building blocks
(monomers) of DNA are called
The nitrogen bases are
attached with what type of
• Weak Hydrogen bonds
What enzyme is responsible for
DNA replication?
What are the 3 parts to a
•Nitrogen base
Is the DNA in every cell of an
organism the same or
What is the sugar in DNA
Adenine and Guanine are purines,
this means they are composed
of _____________ring(s)
DNA would be found
replicating itself during what
phase of the cell cycle?
•Interphase- S
Poly means
• Many