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Presentation of
Spinning Straw
14 May, 2017
Marketing: Uniqueness of the Woosher
• The only drinking straw that enables a direct
interaction between brand logo’s while drinking.
• The product allows for the joint collaboration of
American Idol and Coca-Cola in a unique way.
• The product’s innovative form and function leads
to high consumer interest, this leads to higher
sales volume.
• It is the perfect brand extension, a point of
difference that adds real fun to the Coca-Cola
How the Woosher works
Consumer Drinks
from Straw.
Central section of
straw rotates with
Coca-Cola flow.
Central section of straw
rotates faster as consumer
enjoys the visual experience.
The fun experience means
it can be used for many dual
adverts with Coca-Cola brands.
Is a Brand Enhancer
Increases Volumes Sales
Is Fun & Simple
An Advertising Platform
Allows for Joint
• Ideal for Interactive
• Engages the Consumer
• Is Sponsor Friendly
• Has Proven Success
• Highlighted as a Top 10
Product Innovation
• Brand Invigoration
• Enhance the Drinking
• Stimulates Turnover
• Highlight Partnerships
• Simplifies Marketing
• Logo Interaction
• Encourages Consumer
• Highlights a Point of
Difference through
• Permits a simple
marketing execution
• For new product
launches, it engages the
consumer with the brand
• Easily understood by
consumers of all ages
• Innovative back to basics
promotional tool
• Gives instant gratification
• Proven success in
Promotional roll-outs
Innovative Marketing
Brand Enhanced
Volumes Increased
The unique branding extension
The unique branding extension
The Dual Branding Opportunity
The Rotation Sensation
The Woosher is the interactive fun drinking experience.
It opens a World of possibilities in the enhancement
of Coca-Cola’s marketing, working together with
outlets and retailers to promote the
American Idol sponsorship.
For more information contact:
Bill Welch VP Sales
(434) 223-7891
Terry Macioge
6590 Abilene Road, Farmville, VA 23901