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Job Description: Marketing Executive
About Occam
Occam is a business that helps its clients communicate with their customers more profitably. We achieve this
by integrating and managing customer data on their behalf. Typically this involves the construction of a single
customer view, the implementation of a hosted database and the integration of a software application to
access the data and manage campaigns. On top of this we also provide a range of professional services from
Architect to analysis and project management.
We have been in business since 1993 and are considered to be one of the ‘leading’ Marketing Service
Providers in the UK, as rated by the independent research conducted by Forrester®.
Following acquisition in June 2010 Occam is now a wholly owned subsidiary of St Ives plc; the UK’s largest
printing services company. With 3,000 people in 20 sites across the UK, servicing over 3,000 clients and
revenues of almost £400m, St Ives bring new capability, more resource and greater support to an already
outstanding business.
It is our stated aim to make Occam the undisputed market leader by 2016. We will achieve this through a
mixture of organic growth and acquisition; however we need exceptional people demonstrating the right
behaviours on a daily basis. This job description sets out how you can make your own contribution to the next
stage in our company’s growth.
Purpose of the Role
Your role will be to deliver to Occam all the required marketing activities to help secure net name new
business opportunities and client development and support Occam in achieving its business objectives. This
includes, implementing marketing activities and campaigns, managing events, managing a library of case
studies, brand management, social media, assisting with the production of bid documents, conducting market
research, assisting with and creating awards entries
The overarching responsibilities for the Marketing Executive role will be through two areas:
1) Brand & brand Awareness
2) Tactical lead generation activities & campaigns
Expectations of the Role
Brand & Brand Awareness:
13/05/2017 Marketing Manager Classification: Public
Occam DM Ltd. Manor Farm, Church Lane, Chilcompton, Radstock, BA3 4HP | Tel: 01761 233 833 | | Registered no: 5095081
1) Be the champion of the Brand across the market & Occam & the champion of Occam’s Brand within
the St Ives Group
2) Instigate & own all press relations & be the centre of control for all press communications
3) Own & manage all 3rd Party suppliers to the Marketing Team including St Ives Group Marketing
4) Own & deliver against the Accelero Launch Plan & consequential its brand within the Occam company
5) Own & execute all brand campaigns across all channels including, Web, Social Media, Events, Press,
Email, & Awards
6) Consistent review & benchmark of Competitor Marketing vs Occam Marketing
7) Manage all internal & external contributors to content for Brand campaigns – including Award
Tactical lead generation activities & campaigns
1) Be the instigator & owner of all tactical campaigns across all channels available, web, dm, email, social,
2) Design, own, control & deliver the marketing communications plan
3) Own the design and delivery of all tactical marketing campaigns against the plan
4) Manage all internal & external contributors to content for tactical campaigns
5) Manage all 3rd party suppliers including but not limited to Limelight (PR), Lead Forensics, Pure360,
SugarCRM, Forrester & Gartner
6) Own & execute the monthly marketing report
7) Own & maintain all product collateral & case studies
Other non-specific expectations
1) Manage & control the Occam marketing budget & control all cost associated – liaise with the
Commercial Director & Financial Controller on all monthly expenditure
2) Own and manage the quality & use of the Occam CRM system and database
3) Own & execute the monthly marketing report
4) Own all Campaign KPI reports within and external to the Occam CRM system
5) Keep up to date on all Occam products
6) Keep up to date on all marketing trends
7) Where possible attend relationship extending events within Group & with External Suppliers
8) Understand the IBM administrative process and make sure Occam is benefiting completely from the
IBM partner program and Software Value Incentive.
Role KPI’s
Increase Lead Volumes by 50% from a rolling avg of 40 to a rolling avg of 80 by April 2015
Increase Campaign Volumes both strategic & tactical from 1 per month to 6 per month
Increase Conversion to Lead metrics from Campaigns by 25% by April 2015
Increase enquiry Website Visits by 15% by July 2015
Increase Press Releases from 2 per quarter to 6 per quarter by July 2015
Increase Social Media followers
Increase Contact-ability usability across the database
13/05/2017 Marketing Manager Classification: Public
Occam DM Ltd. Manor Farm, Church Lane, Chilcompton, Radstock, BA3 4HP | Tel: 01761 233 833 | | Registered no: 5095081
Skills & Experience
Strong presentation & time management skills
Ability to communicate technical information and ideas so others will understand
Attention to detail is essential
Ability to multi task and prioritise workload
Ability to work under pressure
Excellent customer service skills
Creative flair
Ability to liaise with Senior Management and Directors, both inside and outside the business, in a
professional manner
Experience of copywriting and proof reading
Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite and Pure360 would be advantageous
Departmental Structure
Senior Business
Client Service
Special Features
Maybe required to work late or extra hours to meet deadlines
Travel maybe required.
13/05/2017 Marketing Manager Classification: Public
Occam DM Ltd. Manor Farm, Church Lane, Chilcompton, Radstock, BA3 4HP | Tel: 01761 233 833 | | Registered no: 5095081
Occam has created a competency matrix based on key areas that are important to our business. Each role has
a base score and our managers use this to develop and train our employees. Details on the competencies and
score for this role will be discussed at interview.
For further information about the role please contact
Emma Hogan
Business Manager
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 01761 233833
13/05/2017 Marketing Manager Classification: Public
Occam DM Ltd. Manor Farm, Church Lane, Chilcompton, Radstock, BA3 4HP | Tel: 01761 233 833 | | Registered no: 5095081