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Organ Systems Study Guide
Cells  Tissue  Organs  Organ Systems
1. Circulatory (Cardiovascular) System
 Organs
o Heart
o Blood Vessels
 Function – Pumps blood through the whole body
 Arteries – Takes oxygen rich blood away from the heart, to the
lungs, and then to the rest of the body
 Capillaries – Tiny blood vessels
 Veins – takes blood back to the heart
2. Skeletal System
 Organs
o Bones
o Tendons
o Ligaments
 Functions
o Protects,
o Helps make red blood cells,
o Storage of Minerals
3. Integumentary System
 Organs
o Skin
o Hair
o Nails
 Function – Protection
 Epidermis – outer layer of skin
 Dermin – bottom later of skin
4. Muscular System
 Organs
o 3 types
 Smooth
 Skeletal
 Cardiac
 Functions
o Movement
o Balance
o Coordination
5. Nervous System
o Brain
o Spinal Cord
o Nerves
 Functions
o Relays electrical signals though our the body
o Tells the body what to do (controls the body)
o Senses
o Helps body maintain homeostasis
6. Lymphatic (Immune) System
 Organs
o Lymph Nodes
o Tonsils
o Spleen
 Function – Destroy and remove viruses from the body
7. Respiratory System
 Organs
o Nose
o Mouth
o Tracea
o Bronchi
o Lungs
 Function – Provides gas exchange between the blood and the
 Breathe In Oxygen & Out Carbon Dioxide
8. Digestive System
 Organs
o Mouth
o Esophagus
o Stomach
o Small Intestine
o Large Intestine`
 Function – Break down (stomach) & absorb (small intestine)
9. Excretory (Urinary) System
 Organs
o Kidneys
o Bladder
o Urethra
o Ureters
 Function – Filters out wastes, toxins, and excess water
10. Endocrine System
o Glands
o Hypothalamus
o Pituitary
o Thyroid
o Pancreas
o Adrenal Gland
o Relays chemical messengers that controls things such as
nutritional absorption and growth
o Produces Hormones
11. Reproductive System